Social Services Sector

Social Sector Services

The Social Service Sector of Greentek is dedicated to collect and collate information to help in formulating strategic planning for sustained development. The philosophy of the Social Service Sector is augmenting the process of planning and development.We at Social Service Sector of Greentekstrive for proving accurate and systematic compilation of information on human development indicators. Different areas of research include:

  • Resettlement and rehabilitation,
  • Education,
  • Health and nutrition and indigenous peoples’ development project.

Our Social Service Sector is controlled by a group of professionals with hand on experience in the field of social development. They include Anthropologists, Sociologists, Economists, Environmentalists and others.

We strive for a better social equality and our endeavor is towards providing strategic solution to the tactical issues to human development. Any development project, be it area specific like water resources, power or industrial sectors or linear viz. roads and highways, transmission lines, pipe lines, etc., entails land acquisition resulting in displacement of people and thereby disrupting economic activities of the affected area. Moreover, a majority of projects are implemented in remote and backward areas, with a high concentration of tribal populations.

In order to contribute towards the social upliftment of general population, Greentek offers the following services in the field of Resettlement and Rehabilitation:

  • Poverty alleviation and GENDER ISSUES
  • Census survey to assess social impact,
  • Baseline socio-economic survey to develop monitoring indicators
  • Preparation of project specific R&R policy
  • Preparation of Rehabilitation Action Plan (RAP)
  • Implementation of Rehabilitation Action Plan
  • Forestry clearance
  • Preparation of Land Plan Schedule to facilitate land acquisition
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of RAP implementation